Sunday, February 13, 2011

Jobs for the beautiful people

Faces with perfect symmetry are seen as beautiful
It appears that some employers put a higher value on an attractive face than qualifications or experience!  A PR agency admits that whilst the quality of their service is their main attraction for clients, having good looking account executives is a bonus enjoyed by clients.  It seems that as much as we think that appearance dosen’t count, it does!  This relates quite strongly in client facing roles according to Professor Nicola Rumsey who heads the Centre for Appearance Research at the University.  In these roles, your appearance is selling the image of the company you work for”.  As a society, we are pretty much obsessed with looks and reward attractive people accordingly.

How’s this!  Research has proved that attractive people are found guilty less often in course and receive less severe sentences.  Attractive applicants also have a better chance of getting better paid jobs.  One survey revealed that employees spent 1/5 of their salary on looking the part as they believe that the right image is vital to their career.

In comes personal branding.  It’s no longer acceptable to have a great business card, website and an attractive entrance to the building with great feng shui.  An organisation’s staff need to reflect the brand too!  Good looks is about taking care of your appearance, not looking like a cat walk model. 

Most people just don’t know what they don’t know.  It’s a great skill to know how to manage the perceptions of your clients and peers with visual tactics.  First impressions speak volumes.  You can tell a lot about someone by the way they dress and the attention they pay to their grooming levels. Of course you must be able to back it up with the knowledge and skill required for your position.  Research has shown that visual impressions are not so important when the relationship is well established, but remember you need to get to that stage by making a good first impression!  The world we live and do business in is highly visual today.  Skill yourself to play the game!

Source:  The Age, HR & Recruitment Section.  Journalist: Eve Ahmed

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